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In Vinolia we have everything ready for you to come and enjoy an attractive variety of dishes and snacks in our restaurant along with the best selection of wines and strains of the most outstanding national vines. In addition, in our Winestore and emporium you can take home your favorite wines and other delicacies to pair.

Book your table and come to enjoy in the heart of one of the most vibrant and exclusive neighborhoods of Santiago



Choose your favorite wines and dare to discover a great variety that we have at your disposal to enjoy in the comfort of your home, make a special gift, pair them with the delicatessen of our emporium or even choose a wine to enjoy in our restaurant:

Uncorking is free!


All the wines you buy in our WineStore can be enjoyed in our renovated WineBar, in the Restaurant next to our new menu or the Vinolia terrace at no additional cost for uncorking.

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The identity of a family, a magical link with the earth.

With a long lasting tradition which spans many generations, the Garcés Silva family has developed a deep bond with the land, imprinting a unique quality-seal to each of its different agricultural activities.
This vocation led the family to consider joining the wine industry with the aim of developing a wine that would break the conventions of the time, projecting it into the future as one of Chile’s great wines

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And if you also want to taste their products in our renovated WineBar, in the Restaurant next to our new menu or to enjoy the outdoors on the terrace, take advantage of the uncorking at no additional cost

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