Tasting and Dinner

Enjoy our tastings and have dinner in Vinolia!

Know the best vineyards in Chile and taste their main wines without leaving Santiago with the promotion we have for you. Choose one of the valleys we present to you every day, use our promo and stay for dinner at our restaurant.

  • Monday: Valle de Casablanca
  • Tuesday :Valle de Maipo
  • Wednesday:Valle de Colchagua
  • Thursday: Valle de Colchagua
  • Friday: Valle de Maipo
  • Saturday: Valle de Casablanca

The experience begins with a tasting of five wines from the Valley at 20:30, and then dinner at our exclusive restaurant.

* Includes dinner (entrance, main course, dessert and glass of wine or drink)

A unique experience for wine lovers.

  • Precio: 35.000 (45 USD)
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