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Make your event and love your guests or customers with a unique experience, in an innovative and special space located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Santiago

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Enjoy all the comforts that will make your event a truly memorable moment

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We have an innovative space and the best team for you and your guests to live a unique experience in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Santiago.

Choose from our menu options that include breakfast, coffee break, brunch, lunch, cheese and wine, dinner and cocktail in order to ensure your event will be perfect.
We have an exclusive movie theater and restaurant where you can taste the best Chilean wines, make presentations/workshop or just have a good time.
We have a highly trained working team in wines and hospitality, so that your event is carried out in the best way.

Eventos con Cata de Vinos

As a unique detail of the organization of your event, you can count on an exclusive wine tasting for you and your guests, unique in Chile.

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Hire location for trainings, releases speaches and seminaries.

Our movie theater is an auditorium of the highest quality prepared for training events, exhibitions, screenings and talks.

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